Dryer Sheet Technique:


1. Stamp picture on card stock.

2. Shade picture if desired. I like shading.

3. Take a USED dryer sheet (iron wrinkles if you like), and cut to size of your picture. I leave a little extra.
4. Using a spray adhesive (I use Eylmers), coat the dryer sheet really well.
5. Place the dryer sheet adhesive down on picture & smooth out any wrinkles.

6. While adhesive is still wet, sprinkle with glitter.
7. While it dries, cut your base card stock & framing.

8. Trim excess dryer sheet from picture and adhere to framing.
9. Wrap ribbon around framing and tie in a bow.
10. Adhere framing with ribbon to card stock base and then apply to card base. Card complete!

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