Monday, 14 March 2016

LED Halloween Shadow Box

This was such a fun project for Halloween! 

The true challenge was adding LED's to my design.....after a quick visit to the dollar store, I came home with a string of LED's. During the assembly of the box, I used my eyelet setter tool and made 2 holes in the base where the tree would hide them and one in the back to string the lights through, leaving the battery pack exposed for battery replacement. After threading the lights through the hole in the back, I poked the lights up through the 2 holes in the base. The rest of the string of lights are hidden inside the frame of the box. Having just the 2 lights behind the tree, give the shadow box a bit of an eery glow.

I designed the background on my computer making a fade of colors. After cutting the moon, I shaded it using multi shades of orange to give it a glowing effect. The spider webs are cut from vellum and heat embossed with fine glitter. I layered all the elements on various layers of acetate to give the scene more dimension.


  LED String Lights - Dollar Store