Monday, 8 February 2016

Stage Card In A Box

Is there ever an end to creativity? Never!! I’m always trying to expand on my creative skills. Every time I make a card, I ponder…..what card style?……what dies will I use?……what do I want my final creation to look like? Then it hits me! Often times, it means me creating my own card style or thinking outside of that comfort level.
This time, I decided I wanted to create my own card in a box style. My design can be found on My Treasured Kutz website under Digital Downloads. Full instructions are below. Happy crafting!!!

  1. Cut the card base, 3 long rectangular pieces and the plain rectangle piece in the card stock color of your choice. All should be cut using the same color.
  1. Cut the stitched rectangle and triangles in a coordinating color.
  1. Take your card base and fold on the vertical dotted lines starting from the left (small tab) to right, until you have a box.
  1. Glue the small tab to the inside of the end of the box.
  1. Now you will fold the front flap on the horizontal dotted line down to open the front of the box.
  1. Fold the left and right flap on the dotted lines to finish opening the box.
  1. Take your 3 long strips and fold on the dotted lines to form a ” I_____I ” shape. These will then be glued at different heights on the inside of the card to give more depth when decorated.
  1. Glue your stitched layers on to the front and side flaps.
  1. You can now add your sentiment to the plain rectangle mat which you will add to the flap with glue or pop dots.
  1. You are now ready to decorate the layers that you added inside the box. Choose the die cuts you want to decorate with and begin to glue them to the strips that you have inside the box.
You’re card is complete & ready to give to someone special!   :)

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